Wednesday, 25 November 2015

End Of Year Reflection

Reflection time

This year I learned how to use ratios and to write a narrative.
An important decision I made this year was to make good decisions and be helpful to each other.
One goal I accomplished this year was to be at the expected level at reading.
This year I tried to be a better person by fixing my behavior and be better than last year.
My favorite memory from this year was when we did the ultimate school day.
The funniest thing that happened this year was when Mrs Melville’s puppy's came to our classroom for a short visit.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Probability With Yahtzee

My Reflection

I was learning to use probability with Yahtzee and find out what is likely to happen.

It was easy because the probability and the game that I played before for 4 years so I know all of the rules of the game too, it was easy to work out the probability but the working out was hard to do.     

My next step is to do more of probability questions and do it consistency.     

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Term 4 Week 6

The Weekend

On Saturday, me and my mum went to The cat lounge in Glenfield. It takes 1 hour from the city to the cat lounge and it is New Zealand first cat cafe in history. 

When we got there we had an hour until we get to see the cats so I got a hot chocolate, then when I finished the hot chocolate I read a book about cats, and the cats in the book were so cute, then it was time to go in to see the cats.

When I went in I sore a white small kitten and it was sleeping in the sun outside so I picked it up and it was still sleeping and it was so soft in my arms, we have an hour with the cats and that is a lot of time to play with the cute cats.

Time past and it was time to go so we got out of the cute kitten area and then went home, and I had lots of fun with the cute cats and I wish I get to play with them again some time. 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Polar Bear

My Reflection

I am learning to use implicit and explicit in the book.
I thought it was easy because explicit is it tells you directly and implicit is it tells you some of the information in the book.
My next step is to use more implicit and explicit.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Narrative Task

The three little ninjas.

Once upon a time there was Three Little Ninjas, they all had their own individual names, one was called Jordan he was the oldest, the next Ninja was called Jackson which was the second oldest and finally the youngest was called Jamie.  One day they moved to the Pink Ninja Forest and they built there dojo there.  One week after, they encountered The Big Fat Wolf.

My Reflection

I am learning to write a narrative.

I had to watch a video then to read some examples then think of the fairy tales that I know, next I had to complete the frame and make my story that I choose the three little pigs and then I change it into the three little ninjas and I change the big bad wolf in to the big fat wolf and the setting is instead of the forest I change it into the pink ninja forest and the three little pigs had to bulled a house out of stone, straw and bricks but now they live to together in a dojo in stead of living apart.
I thought it was hard because I didn't have time to do it and it was hard so then I gave it a try and I got far on this narrative task too.

My next step is to learn more about narratives and write my own narrative.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Term 4 Week 5

The Weekend

On Saturday me, dad my sister and Nathan R went to a fireworks display at a stadium in the North-West. It starts at 4pm-10pm but we didn't want to wait for the entertainment to start at 7:30 and the fireworks to start at 8:30 so me and Nathan R played with Mocka the cat and we played cricket with her. I was bowler and Nathan was field and Mocka was good at batting so I bowled the ball to her and she hit it and then again and again and again and then we gave up and she won the cricket world cup
and then it was time to go to the fireworks display. 
35 Mins later we were at the fireworks display so we went in to the stadium and watched the entertainment for 1 hour and it was so awesome then it was time for the fireworks.
It was dark and that is a good time for fireworks and then BANG!!! the fireworks were so loud and so colorful that I was like OH WOW THAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
Then an hour later the firework display had finish and then we went home and Nathan R stayed the night for a sleepover at my house.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Term 4 Week 4

      The Weekend

In the weekend the All Blacks were playing Australia in England for the Rugby World Cup final on November the 1st 2015, the game starts at 5:00 am in the morning and it was so early that I was half asleep when I got up for the game at 5:00 am in the morning and I was so excited for the game.

When the game started I was so excited that I almost yelled at the TV and saying " GO THE ALL BLACKS", and in 3 mins the All Black's got a penalty and we got it and we were wining 3-0, then 8 mins in the game Australia got a penalty and Australia got it and it was 3-3, 14 mins in the game New Zealand got a anther penalty and again we got it and it was 6-3, then 34 mins in to the game the All Blacks got a try by number 14 then we got the kick  and then the score was 13-3.

It was almost half-time but the we got another penalty and we got it and we were leading 13 points and it was 16-3, then it was half-time so then I had some breakfast , I had toast for breakfast and I had Marmite on my toast and it was yum then when I finished my breakfast the game was back on.

When it started the All Blacks had to kick to Australia, so Australia got the ball. 15 mins in to the second half, Australia got a try but they did not get the kick and that was go for us and the score was 13-8.

38 mins in to the second half we had 27 and Australia had 17 and I now that we had won then, number 15 got the ball and kicked it then it was on the ground and number 22 was running to the ball and then he kick the ball and then they got the try and I was so happy that we won the World Cup 34-17 then when I sore the All Blacks lift the cup my Mom was yelling at me and it was so loud and then we celebrated!!!