Thursday, 24 September 2015

Te Tuhi Trip

My Reflection

I was learning to paint about are culture and were we come from on a peace of paper and are family and some things about are self.
It was hard because we had to scrunch up the paper then flat-in it then we had to draw the pictures with pensil then we had to colour 2 black box's and 2 red box's in pastill but we don't colour the pictures then we had to paint over it in brown dye.
My next step is to do a bigger art work and more detail.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Geometry 3D Shapes

My Reflection
I was learning to describe 3D shapes using mathematical language.

I had to use the names of the shapes and count all of the faces, corners vertices and edges.

I thought that it was fun because i like maths.

I chose to share my learning by creating this work.

I thought than it was cool because maths is so cool.

My next step is to do more shapes in my learning.